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  • MBA,
  • SOCPA,
  • VAT Specialist
Hussain Alotaibi
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Hussain Alotaibi Firm is a national certified public accountancy firm specializing in tax, Zakat and financial consultancy. We have more than 10 years of experience working with ”Big Four” accounting firms and multinational companies and dealing with complex tax and financial issues. Our expertise covers a wide range of industries including constructions, energy, retail, healthcare and medical industries among others.
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We provide an extensive range of professional services covers the areas of corporate tax, Zakat, Value added tax, Tax disputes and litigations, customs, and transfer pricing.
Corporate tax and Zakat
Our rapidly changing corporate tax environment is putting a great emphasis on national and international companies to closely monitor their tax...

Tax Disputes and Litigation Services
Our Tax Disputes and Litigation Services are an integral part of the services we offer. We assist our clients with their...

Indirect Tax and Customs
With the government’s recent efforts to diversify its public revenue by means of Value Added Taxes (VAT), excise taxes and real...

Transfer pricing
Saudi Arabia has introduced the bylaws of Transfer Pricing in 2019 to address the necessity to implement and enforce the “arm’s...

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Objectively integrate enterprise-wide strategic theme areas with functionalized infrastructures, interactively productize premium technologies.

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Level 18, Al Faisaliah Tower, King Fahad Highway, Riyadh 11524 Saudi Arabia
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MBA, SOCPA, VAT Specialist
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