Tax Disputes and Litigation Services

Our Tax Disputes and Litigation Services are an integral part of the services we offer. We assist our clients with their tax field audits and represent them in negotiations with the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) to settle their disputes.

We also represent our clients in their disputes with GAZT before the tax committees and assist them in hearings and with the submissions of their
defense to the tax committees. Relying on our in-depth knowledge of the relevant tax regulations, we handle all tax-related disputes (Corporate tax and Zakat, VAT, Excise tax and customs).

We also help companies to identify the potential risks and exposures that may arise during a GAZT tax audit, and assist them with the management of its process. We believe that in order to have a cost-effective dispute resolution strategy, a preidentified tax audit risk is a necessity.


Our Services in Tax Disputes include:
  • Assisting in identifying, mitigating, and managing the risks
  • associated with GAZT Tax Audits.
  • Assisting in managing the tax audit process.
  • Assisting during the tax disputes.